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What do you think about when you hear the name Brad Pitt? Brangelina? Most attractive man? Tyler Durden? Whatever it is, you know the name. Brad Pitt is one of the most popular actors today and has been acting since the late ’80s. If you’re looking for the complete Brad Pitt Movies list, you’ve come to the right place.

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Whatever you consider Brad Pitt to be, I hope you’ll agree that, aside from constantly on the cover of the tabloids, he’s also made some pretty darn good movies. As a Filmlete, it is my duty to put those best movies out there, so you can watch them and enjoy them. As a human being with his own opinions, I may not necessarily hit the nail on the head. I’ve chosen movies that have moved me, not only because it was a great movie, but because of Brad Pitt’s performance in them. After watching them (or if you’ve already seen them), let me know if you agree.

Brad Pitt Best Movies


Besides having a cool play on letters and numbers in its title, this movie defined Brad Pitt as an A-list actor. Brad Pitt plays a detective who works with William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) who get involved in a series of morbid murders. What’s different about these murders? Each murder corresponds with one of the seven deadly sins, which include: Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Greed and Wrath. The murders lead them both a chase for a disturbed killer with a higher plan. Watch for the suspense, the performances, but mostly, watch it for the end.

Fight Club

I’m not gonna lie … I’ve seen this movie at least 23 times. I loved it. It was unique and manly and had Meatloaf in it. What more could you ask for? Edward Norton and Brad Pitt playing amazing roles in a crazy movie with Helena Bonham Carter as the mentally disturbed love interest, that’s what. Read the book, watch the movie and do it multiple times.

Inglourious Basterds

What happens when you combine the twisted mind of Quenton Tarentino and the wide range and talent of Brad Pitt as an actor. You get Inglourious Basterds. You have to know, that you’ll be getting a big chunk of long, intense dialogue and some unnecessary violence that may not seem like a typical Brad Pitt movie. But as Lt. Aldo Raine, Pitt puts in an amazing performance as the vengeful American who leads his passionate group of Basterds to kill them some Nazis!


This intense movie has a misleading trailer. Not that you’d think it’s a great movie due to the trailer and it turns out to be a horrible move, it’s just that the movie looks as though it stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. While they have a major role in the theme of the movie, they aren’t in it all that much. However, Brad Pitt’s acting in the movie, in the few scenes he plays, are great. Just a heads up. Maybe if I lower your expectations for the appearance of these two actors, you’ll appreciate the movie more and quit thinking, “hey where’s Brad Pitt?”

Brad Pitt Movies List

Year Film Movie Cover
2009 Inglourious Basterds

2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Online

2008 Burn After Reading

2007 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

2007 Ocean’s Thirteen

2006 Babel

2005 Mr. & Mrs. Smith

2004 Ocean’s Twelve

2004 Troy

2003 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

2002 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

2001 Ocean’s Eleven

2001 Spy Game

2001 The Mexican

2000 Snatch

1999 Fight Club

1998 Meet Joe Black

1997 Seven Years in Tibet

1997 The Devil’s Own

1996 Sleepers

1995 Twelve Monkeys

1995 Se7en

1994 Legends of the Fall

1994 Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

1994 The Favor

1993 True Romance

1993 Kalifornia

1992 A River Runs Through It

1992 Cool World

1991 Johnny Suede

1991 Thelma & Louise

1991 Across the Tracks

1989 Cutting Class

1988 The Dark Side of the Sun

1987 Less Than Zero

1987 No Way Out

1987 Hunk

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  • Brad Pitt… Is he getting better with age? Mmmm I think so!

  • I have to comment here. Which is not something I usually do. But Brad Pitt always reminds me of one of those classic golden age Hollywood actors like, wait for it, errol Flyn or someone. Im not gay ok but I do think the guy has something that most other actors lack. Could that be charisma?

  • Most of Pitts movies are good thats why they call him bankable. By the way Todd you are gay. And Brad, stop flirting with me!

  • Mr film noob ur a dick and brad Pitt is the shit

  • I agree completely, Todd is gay.

    ..I’ve never posted on here either, but he needed to know.

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